I know exactly what it’s like to be losing sleep over an upcoming drug test.

Back in 2009, I moved to this country (the U.S.) with hopes of creating a better life for myself and my future family.

I moved here from my beautiful tropical country, Jamaica.

I needed a job, so I looked through the classified ads in the newspaper.

I saw a company hiring for baggage handlers at the airport. It paid $8 per hour.


No special skills necessary. I just have to lift a few bags.

I went in for the interview. Everything went smooth.

The interviewer me told me how much he loved Jamaica. He went there for his honeymoon.

We hit it off right away. I felt great!

Until, of course, he dropped the bomb.

I had to take a urine drug test to get the job.

I could start training tomorrow, but I had to take the test within a week.

Back home in Jamaica, smoking herb/weed is not a big deal. Almost everyone does it.

Even the people that act like they don’t like it take a hit when nobody’s looking.

I was smoking daily for many years. And still do to this day.

So I knew I would definitely fail.

I had to figure something out. And quick…

My cousin (Janet) told me I should try one of those vitamin stores. They sell things that should clean out your system.

The guy at the vitamin store (I think it was GNC – not sure though) said I had 2 options.

One was a bag with some brown powder in it. He said to dilute it in a gallon of water, and start drinking it asap.

The other was a red drink that I could drink a few hours before the test. It was supposed to be a cover up.

I didn’t want to take any chances so I bought both of them. I had to fork up $70.

They were the worst things I’ve ever tasted in my life. I almost puked trying to drink the diluted brown stuff.

It didn’t even completely dilute in the water so it was kinda like drinking water with dirt in it.

Anyway, I polished the entire gallon off and drank the red one the morning of the test.

Went in, took the test, and felt confident that I had passed.

I really liked the new job. There wasn’t as much lifting as I had thought, and everyone I worked with was so cool.

Plus, I got to drive those baggage tractors you see driving around the airport. They’re not fast but extremely fun to drive.

A few weeks in, after I completed training, I got a call on my cellphone.

“Hello Mr. Bailey, I’m calling from XYZ lab…

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